OP Yhteisauto is equipped with two charging cables that you can use to charge the car at home or at public charging points equipped with so-called "Type 2" connector.

Charging points on map


Latauskartta.fi is one of the most comprehensive lists of charging points in Finland. In order to list only the "Type 2" charging points on the map, choose the green "Type 2" charging icon at the bottom of the screen.

By clicking a charging point on the map, you can see information regarding the charging point, for instance:

Charging operators in Finland

Typically public charging points in Finland are operated by some of the following three operators (customer service number in parenthesis):

  1. Fortum - Charge & Drive (0800 199 055)
  2. Virta (0800 02200)
  3. Plugit (0207 350 330)

Type 2 charging cable

Charging cable with Type 2 connectors can be used in public charging points with Type 2 charging possibility. Example of a charging cable with Type 2 connectors is shown in the picture below.

Charging point may also be equipped with a Type 2 charging cable. In this case the charging cable that comes with every OP Yhteisauto is not needed to charge the car. 

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