Follow these instructions to disconnect a Renault Zoe from the charging point. The video is subtitled only in Finnish.

  1. Open the car doors with the OP Yhteisauto mobile application while your reservation is still ongoing. Car door locks can not be controlled with the app before the reservation has started or after the reservation has ended.
  2. Open the charge port lock by pressing the leftmost button in the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel. Button has a connector icon.
  3. Disconnect the charging cable from the car by pulling from the cable handle.
  4. Close the inner and outer lid of the charging port.
  5. If the charging cable of the car is connected to a charging point that requires authentication with a charging card or tag, hold the card (or tag) against the reader in the charging point until the cable is released. The reader is marked with an icon as shown in the images below.
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